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Splice Series VI Kendama (version 6) - Sweets

Splice Series VI Kendama (version 6) - Sweets

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Tama Finish

Splice Series Kendama, v.6 - by Sweets

Product description by manufacturer:

"This series of BOOST kendamas are a study of wood. How it looks, plays, and feels. We are using the Splice Series as an opportunity to experiment and test new combinations and styles.

Product Features:

  • BOOST Splice Ken

    • Spike: Ash & Purpleheart vertical stripe
    • Sarado: Ash with horizontal Purpleheart stripe
    • Balance Bevel in Base Cup
    • Crossken logo engraving
    • Splice engraving on underbird stall
  • Boost Tama
    • Cushion Clear or Ratio Clear tama finish
    • Tama: Ash with 2 low Purpleheart tracking stripes
    • Purpleheart around string hole
    • Ash bevel
  • SixFinger String
  • Metal Spinner Bead, Replacement String and Splice Sticker
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