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Put your skills to the test and take your games of Ken to the next level with these sick Dama Dice!

This set includes two dice, each featuring different illustrations of the most popular kendama tricks around including: Lunar, Juggle, Bird, Penguin and more! Just throw the dice and lace the combo!

The Dama Dice come perfectly presented in an ISR printed string bag with instructions too.

Make sure to tag us with your dama dares!

Dama Dice Rules:

1. The owner of the dices starts, rolls first and has the first try to set a trick.

2. One try each to set a trick clockwise, 3 tries to cancel a set trick.

3. Who didnt cancel the trick gets a letter (K-E-N), 3 letters to lose.

4. The trick must include the two rolled tricks on the dice. No matter if in a single trick or longer combo with different tricks.

5. Everyone tries to set a trick with the diced combination until someone sets a trick and rolls the dice again. You dont have to try the same trick in every round. After ~10 rounds without a trick being laced, roll the Dice again.

6. Be creative, get out of your comfort zone and have fun

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