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C Fraser - Legend Model - Batch Two

C Fraser - Legend Model - Batch Two

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The Decade Mod is back! Sweets Legend Christian Fraser is proud to introduce Batch Two, the spiritual successor to the highly coveted Batch One Legend Model. Batch Two is fully customized to be honed and thoughtfully balanced straight out of the box for juggling, ken flips, taps, and gunslingers. The coffee inspired design introduces tactile enhancements for juggling and bevel tracking without disturbing the classic balance tricks. The custom laminated tama sits underneath a coat of freshly brewed coffee tones and tracking elements.

Rise n' grind, with Batch Two.


    • BOOST Shape - No Balance Bevel (No base cup hole)
      • Full Maple Spike
      • Custom Laminated Sarado with Maple, Walnut, and Beech Woods
      • C. Fraser Signature Decade Mod Engravings
    • Oversized Custom Laminated Tama
  • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
    • Custom Laminated Tama with Vertical Woodgrain (Vertical woodgrain reduces chipping around the bevel)
    • Woods from bottom to top include: Beech, Cherry, Wenge, Cherry, Walnut
    • Custom Coffee Bubble Engraving on Tama
    • Coffee Colors and Tracking Elements
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Mocha String
  • Extra Tan String
  • Custom Batch Two Packaging
  • Batch Two Sticker Pack

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