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Cereal Kendama

Bamboo Blast - Performer Shape

Bamboo Blast - Performer Shape

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Paint Finish

The Buddy Mods mark a turning point for Cereal Kendama as we finally launch thePerformer shape. 6 months in the works, the Performer shape is aimed at improving how well our kendamas play competitively.

It is not larger than theElevate, but rather bigger in areas where we felt the CREAL 1.5 was lacking, and similar in areas where we felt did not need improvement.

On top of the new shape debut, we are also only retailing the Buddy Mods as a set, because of how WC and Jon always make their decisions together. These damas will also come withfree DHL shipping- making it much easier for our friends around the world to get the dama.

Kendamas feature:
-CREAL 2.0 Performer Shape
-The Final Bevel
- Maple Ken
- CRATER Balance Hole
- Upsized Kendama Bag
- 2 x 12 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead
- Cereal Kendama Stickers

WC Mod
- 61mm Spliced Tama (Ash, PH, Beech)
- CREAL Stick Paint

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