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ASH Boost - Ken Only

ASH Boost - Ken Only

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A fresh ken for whatever you need!


  • 1 BOOST shaped Ken
  • White SixFinger String
  • Spinner Bead

With a fresh ken you can:

  • Replace a thrashed Ken
  • Match your favorite Tama with a differentKen
  • Woodburn some sick designs
  • Try a new wood species to see how it plays
  • Paint it your favorite color
  • Swap out parts to make your own Frankendama

The BOOST shape is the best playing kendama Sweets has ever released, with its larger cups more defined stalls and Balance Bevel it is made to slap tricks.
The BOOST is designed to make learning tricks easier for beginners and lacing bangers better for pros.

Ken Only do not come in branded packaging.

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