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Product Overview

We’re thrilled to finally present Sam Cannon Pro Model Kendama.

The Cannon Mod is our first BigBrother Phase2 on the highest quality Zebrano Wood, combining the unique look with awesome playability!

The 360° topographic map on the cups as well as the tweaked ‘MT. Hood’ big cup engraving, personalize this shredstick and represent Sam’s times at the Timberline lodge in Oregon.

The tama design also represents the connection to nature and offers premium tracking, made of high-quality beechwood and painted by @biko004 in Tel Aviv, Israel. finished up with our loved RHINO clear.

All setups are picked individually and kens are weight-matched to make this one of our best Kendamas ever!

  • First BB on Zebrano wood!
  • Weight-matched kens
  • New 360° cup engraving
  • Bearing – upgraded bead
  • Unique tama design
  • Rhino Clear
  • Basecup hole


(No reviews yet) Write a Review