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So when was the first time you ever saw/played with a Kendama

 I started my kendama journey whilst working on Papa Stour, a remote Scottish island with a population of 8 people, and aimed to learn one new trick every day whilst I was there- I was hooked instantly. 

 When you first played, were you a natural or did you struggle at all?

 I definitely struggled but fell in love with kendama and am very stubborn and consistent with playing which helped me to slowly improve.

 Was there a reason you were so drawn to Kendama?

 The community, the creativity  and the limitless amount of tricks you can learn, it's like discovering a whole new world when you first start to play.

 Where/when is your favourite time to play?

 100% in the morning, kendama is my meditation setting me up for the day to keep me present and maintain a positive mindset. I'm also more awake in the morning which helps my session.

 Favourite trick to lace? Or favourite trick to add into combos?

Lunar rovers are super fun to lace and a brilliant transition between lunar to inward.   

 Your current favorite Kendama right now?

Krom flowers for sure- I bought it roughly a year ago and it keeps on getting better as time goes on and retains the stickiness amazingly not to mention an amazing design.