CEREAL Ash Gram - Elevate

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Product Overview

Instagram plays a huge role in growing the kendama scene globally. That is undisputed.

In 2019, we released the Gram tama on the now out-dated CREAL shape. Although the ken had improvements to made, the tama was well received and we're bringing it back.

This time on the Elevate Shape, 62mm tama and a full Ash option. Not much to it - just a kendama to tribute a platform that we rely on heavily.

This kendama features:
- *NEW* ELevate Shape [URL ELEVATE PAGE]
The Final Bevel 
- Ash Ken
- 62mm Ash Tama
- CREAL Stick OR Grip Paint
- *NEW* CRATER Balance Hole
- Upsized Kendama Bag
- 1 x Cereal Kendama Sticker Sheet
- 2 x 12 Finger String
- 1 x Spinner Bead


(No reviews yet) Write a Review